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From the products we sell online, to our consulting services. From our large-scale public contracts to our real-estate investment, Road Invest and Road Export observe a rigorous procedure which start with the choice of our partners and collaborators.We act in appliance with the law and our motto is ” Keep Its Word “.

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Road Consulting is an independent management consultancy dedicated to creating value for its customers and external companies that seek to improve their supply chain performance. Through excellence, insight, collaboration and objectivity we enable our customers to solve any business challenge.



Road Invest S.A. is a holding company controlling the management and policies of several companies active in the sectors of real-estate, consultancy and/or procurement. These last 20 years, Road Invest has certainly became a reliable partner for its customers, guaranteeing the highest quality standards and customized solutions, no matter how difficult a project may be, by making Road Invest SA trustees interact with each other, under the initiative of each department’s management.

With their confidence renewed year after year, the Road Invest suppliers have been able to obtain the best conditions, continuously re-negotiated, to satisfy its customers for each sector of activity represented by Road Invest SA and the structures it manages. Those beneficial effects are particularly felt in its branch of procurement service. Indeed, through working together with local authorities we have developed the tools necessary to serve the needs of people in even the most remote of regions. Besides our expertise, we have developed logistic and payment tools adapted to the final users of our realizations for their best use. The services of the Road Invest Group are of course not exclusive to our existing customers. We invite everyone to use the tools we have developed and welcome the benefit of our experience in all our fields of expertise.

All products made and sold through our webshop “Road Export Shop” have been inspected, in partnership with NGOs and States and according to their specifications, with the aim of developing the specific needs for Sub-Saharan, Middle-East and South American Countries. Road Invest guarantees that from the products we sell online, to our consulting services and for our large-scale public contracts, we observe a rigorous procedure which begins with the choice of our partners and collaborators.

An accurate team

We’re a small Belgian team dedicated to our clients willing to work openly with them,  understand their needs and revert with the most accurate solution.

Forward Thinking

Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

Problem Solvers

Our team consists of specialists with experience in your field. We are totally devoted to achieving the results you determine.

Customer Support

All members of Road Invest Group have signed gentleman and confidentiality agreements and follow personally from A to Z the mission assigned to them respecting the compliance rules of the group.